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    7 Ways to Upgrade Your Hallway


    Your hallway is often the most overlooked area of your home. We devote so much time to decorating our living room and bedroom. But when it comes to the hallway, we usually leave it bare. That changes now! Give your hallway the attention it deserves with these seven tips.


    1. Console

    Bar-Harbor-Console-blog.jpgBar Harbor Flip-Top Console


    Step 1: Add a stylish console. This is the easiest way to instantly revamp the look of your hallway. It’ll also allow you to add décor to the top of your console. Depending on the size of your hallway, you’ll want to find an option that is thin and narrow so you’re not dodging it whenever you pass through. Don’t forget to pay attention to the style and color of your console as well, so that it flows with the rest of your home.


    2. Rugs

    Mercier-Rug-blog.jpgMercier Rug, Navy


    Next up, lay a rug in your hallway – more specifically a runner. Long, narrow rugs are a great tool to seamlessly connect every area in your home. The texture will make your home cozier and more inviting. Decorating with a colorful rug will also provide a fun burst of color.


    3. Bench

    Dark-Ash-Pew-Bench-blog.jpgDark Ash Pew Bench


    Benches can infuse major style in your hallway. Distressed benches will bring rustic and farmhouse vibes into your space. If you want to go for a modern or minimal look, try choosing a bench with metal hardware and sleek lines. Use your bench as a style statement and it will transition your hallway from basic to beautiful. 


    4. Mirror

    Padria-Round-Mirror-blog.jpgPadria Round Mirror


    Need some extra space in your hallway? Hang up a mirror! Not only do mirrors add style, they also trick the eye into believing there’s more space than what actually exists. Mirrors are a great way to complete the look of your console. Just remember to choose a mirror with a smaller diameter than the width of your console, so your proportions are balanced. 


    5. Lighting

    Rosaline-Floor-Lamp-blog.jpgRosaline Floor Lamp


    Time to let the light in. If your hallway doesn’t have any overhead lighting, add a floor lamp to illuminate your space. This additional lighting will come in handy if your walls are painted a dark color. The light will help brighten up your hallway – perfect for summertime!


    6. Gallery Wall

    Gallery-Wall-blog.jpgPhoto courtesy of Style at Home


    Make your hallway meet its full potential with a gallery wall! Start things off by gathering photos that bring back delightful memories. Then play around with different sized frames and space them asymmetrically across your hallway. You could also mix and match personal photos with artworks to really fill up your wall space. 


    7. Plants

    Artificial-Fiddle-Leaf-Fig-blog.jpgArtificial Fiddle Leaf Fig


    Whether you’ve got two green thumbs or none at all, decorating your hallway with plants will immediately refresh your home. Try lining one or both sides of your hallway with large potted plants. Or you can start small by topping off your console with flowers and succulents. Artificial plants are another great alternative to spruce up your hallway. 


    House-Beautiful-blog.jpgPhoto courtesy of House Beautiful


    Your hallway doesn’t have to be an unadorned area of your home. It can still live up to the elegance and style displayed in the rest of your interior. Stay tuned on our blog for more tips and inspiration this summer!




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