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    5 Steps to Achieve Art Deco Style

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    If you’re a lover of all things glamourous, then you’ll love art deco style. This popular trend originated during the 1920’s and was greatly influenced by the era of jazz and flapper fashion. The key points to art deco are glamour, elegance and sophistication. Here are five ways you can nail this showstopping trend.


    1. Velvet


    Bryan Accent Chair, Navy

    Kristoff Midnight Swivel Glider

    Bennet Chaise Sofa, Charcoal Gray


    Inspired by the opulence of the roaring 20’s, velvet is one of the defining characteristics of art deco style. Decorate your home with a statement velvet chair or sofa. You could also opt for velvet rugs, cushions or curtains. These statement pieces will bring an air of sophistication to your home. 


    2. Bold Colors


    Bennett Chair

    Dorsey Chair

    Turner Chair


    You can’t have art deco style without bold colors. The more saturated or metallic, the better! Implement shades like emerald green, cobalt blue, deep red, orange, gold or silver to your home. You could even decorate with neon shades or colorful patterns. Remember, art deco is all about standing out and not fading in.


    3. Gold Accents


    Rosen Fireplace Screen

    Archive Accent Table

    Farran Bench


    Add a touch of drama to your space with gold accents. The illustrious shine will bring that art deco glam into your living space. If you don’t want to invest in new furniture with gold accents, an easy way to achieve this look is by creating a gallery wall with all gold picture frames. 


    4. Geometric Shapes


    Matrix Accent Chest

    Linda Wall Mirror

    Moderno Buffet


    From circles to hexagons, art deco style loves playing around with unique shapes. It’s the primary reason why art deco is such a unique interior trend. So go bold with shapes in your home and don’t be afraid to add contrasting lines in your layout. For example, mismatch a houndstooth rug with a curved sofa and hexagonal coffee table in your living room.


    5. Drama, Drama, Drama!


    Melange Credenza

    Aldo Accent Table

    Bijou Bench


    The final step to achieving art deco style is adding one-of-a-kind dramatic pieces to your home. I’m talking about standout items that may even be hard to categorize – faux fur chairs, animal prints, unique designs, vintage décor, nothing is off limits!


    Art deco style was made for the fearless – the ones who aren’t afraid to stand out in a crowd. We hope you gained some ideas for your future art deco home. Discover even more interior styles by exploring our trends page




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