Employee Spotlight: Cheryl Renfro


If you ask a Weir’s employee how long they’ve worked here, don’t be surprised if they respond with 10, 15 or even 44 years! There’s a reason people stay at Weir’s Furniture for decades at a time. In our new Employee Spotlight series, we’ll be diving into the journeys of our Weir’s family members. First up, meet Cheryl Renfro.




Name: Cheryl Renfro

Title: Plano Store Manager


How long have you worked at Weir’s Furniture?

I’ve worked at Weir’s for 17 years. I started off on the sales floor in Plano up until two years ago when I was asked to become manager.



Why did you first want to work at Weir's?

I used to work at a large department store, prior to coming here. I had the pleasure of hiring Rose Falls. She later left the department store to work at Weir’s and she told me I should apply. I trusted her completely so I wound up filling out an application, interviewing and getting hired all in the same day. Rose’s husband, Bruce, was actually the store manager when I first started. It really is a family company.



Why do you choose to continue working at Weir's?

I love that we’re a family-owned company. Some places will say they’re “family-owned,” but here we actually see the Weirs family all the time. Just that personal touch, really makes all the difference. I always tell people – other than home, you spend the longest time at work. So, it’s been great getting to work with people that have become like a family.



What has changed over the years at Weir’s and what has stayed the same?

The core values at Weir’s has stayed the same. Treat others the way you want to be treated, honor God first and the rest will follow – all of these values have stayed consistent. I am very thankful for that.

As for change, we’ve had to change with the times. From how we choose our products to how we offer our services, like our delivery, we’ve all had to advance.



Do you have a particular memory you are fond of while working here? 

Just the laughs that I’ve had with everyone while working here. We laugh a lot here! I will say…Weir’s Furniture would be a wonderful sitcom. There’s so many different personalities and quirks here.



What's your favorite thing about working here?

The people I work with have become family and the customers have also become family. I’ve watched, in the 17 years I’ve been here, families grow. It makes me feel old, but I’ve seen babies grow into teenagers. Generations are being added onto the Weir’s family. 



Now let’s switch gears to some fun questions. You have the whole Saturday off! What's your ideal day?

I would sleep in until 7am – that is a luxury for me! I’d have some tea and breakfast, get ready for the day. I’d head to the Dallas Farmers Market with my husband. That’s always fun! Then we’d go to lunch, maybe catch an early movie. Then come home and take a nap! Finish things off with an early dinner. I’m a total homebody!



What has been your favorite vacation of all time?

My husband and I went with my parents to Italy and Paris. It was my parents’ first time, so it was fun seeing them experience everything. It was also our first time to Italy. We went to Rome, Naples, Florence and Venice. 

The funny thing is it seems like every time I leave a place, something crazy happens. For example, after we left Venice there were the floods right after. Also, I went to the Philippines last year and right after it was a major typhoon season! So, it’s a running joke with my friends – I warn them not to visit a place I’ve just been to. 




What’s your favorite movie?

One of my favorite movies would be Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley. My other favorite is Vanity Fair with Reese Witherspoon. I love period movies. The costumes and scenery are amazing.



Ok, last question! What’s your favorite Christmas song?

Get ready. It’s Mele Kalikimaka! It’s only because I can pronounce it. I also love Winter Wonderland, the Annie Lennox version.




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