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    Has this ever happened to you? You’re lying on your sectional watching one of your favorite TV shows. Several episodes and hours later, you find yourself waking up from an unplanned nap. That’s the beauty of the sectional! It’s one of the most comfortable spots in your home. Whether you’re ready to upgrade or shopping for your very first sectional, here’s some inspiration for your next purchase. 



    Weston-blog.jpgWeston Sectional


    Modern style is characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes and sleek design. It’s also largely influenced by neutral colors and popular trends of today. If you love the modern look, try out our Weston Sectional featuring a sharply angled base and neutral color tone.  



    Juno-blog.jpgJuno Sectional


    Similar to modern design, minimal style features clean lines and even more of a simplistic shape. If you’re searching for a no-fuss sectional, then the minimal trend is perfect for you. Having a minimal sectional is also great for layering different trends in your living room if you want to achieve an overall eclectic look. 



    Bernhardt-blog.jpgBernhardt Foster Sectional


    This style is focused on timeless appearance and high-quality materials. Classic-style sectionals should blend seamlessly with the rest of your room. For all you classic lovers, try exploring leather sectionals with simple shapes, like our Bernhardt. 



    Malibu-blog.jpgMalibu Sectional


    Think of traditional style as classic’s cousin. It’s simplistic and usually a neutral color. However, traditional design makes more of a statement than your classic sectional. It also offers more diversity in shape and design.



    Orion-blog.jpgOrion Sectional


    Haven’t found the right style for you yet? You may be a fan of transitional style. This trend beautifully blends the traditional and modern. For example, the Orion Sectional offers the simplicity of traditional design while adding the rolled arms and block feet for more of a unique and modern twist. 



    Patricia-Power-Reclining-blog.jpgPatricia Power Reclining Sectional


    We’ve come to our final style. If comfort is at the top of your list when it comes to your sectional, then our Patricia Sectional may be your best option. Kick back on one of the reclining seats as you enjoy a movie night at home!


    Sectionals are one of the most overlooked items in your home. And yet, it’s a household staple! Upgrade your living room this summer by investing in a brand-new sectional that suits your personal style.




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