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    How to Choose a Sofa that Fits Your Lifestyle


    If you’ve ever shopped for sofas before, you’ll know there are a world of options to choose from. Loveseats, sectionals, recliners! Top-grain leather or faux leather – what’s the difference? Let’s end the confusion! We’ve created a guide to help answer some of your burning questions when it comes to finding the perfect sofa to suit your lifestyle. 


    Find Your Comfort Zone

    Thomas-Sectional-blog.jpgThomas Top-Grain Leather Sectional


    Perhaps the most important factor to picking your sofa is comfort. Yes, tuxedo arms on a sofa look super attractive. But if you feel uncomfortable leaning against them – chances are it isn’t the right sofa for you.


    This is why you need to physically go to your furniture store to test out your options. See what feels comfortable. You want to be able to sink into your sofa but not drown in it. Certain fillings may feel too stiff while others may be not sturdy enough. Find the balance that suits your needs.


    Will It Last?


    Most of us want our sofa to last and withstand the wear and tear of life. I’m talking kids, pets, neighbors, parties, the occasional spill, the whole nine yards! As you shop for your sofa, keep durability in mind. Check the quality of your sofa’s frame and springs, the type of cushions as well as the sofa’s outer material.


    There are a variety of sofa materials to choose from. You’ve got the varying leather grades, faux leather, upholstery, velvet and performance fabric. Before you decide on your top choice, ask yourself how much you’re willing to pay for the quality of your sofa.


    Types of Sofa Material and Durability


    -Top-Grain Leather: The outer layer and most durable part of the hide. There are two main categories of top grain leather: full aniline and semi aniline. Special care is taken in the full aniline tanning and dying process to bring out the hide’s natural beauty. The semi aniline tanning dying process involves one or more additional steps to create hides with more consistent color and uniform surface grain. 

    -Faux Leather: A fabric imitation of leather that is often made of synthetic microfiber. A more affordable alternative to leather, faux leather is less durable than top-grain leather. 

    -Velvet: One of the softest sofa materials, velvet originates from silk. Most velvet fabrics are woven with a combination of synthetic fibers. While velvet is popular for its luxurious, plush feel, it must be carefully maintained over time.

    -Microfiber: This material is soft and made up of tightly woven synthetic fibers. It is stain resistant and durable, making it a good material for families. 

    -Performance Fabric: Another great option for families, performance fabrics have excellent cleaning ability and durability. 


    Think About Your Space

    Sagewood-Table-Blog.jpgSagewood Table


    Your sofa should not only fit with the proportions of your living room, it should also be compatible with the flow of movement in your space. For example, your sofa may fit your room’s measurements but if you’re constantly bumping into your side table to get to your sofa, then it’s not truly a perfect fit.


    Try and think about the movement in your space. Does it feel cramped with a sectional even though it appears like there’s enough space? Is it easy to get to your sofa from either side? Does having a second or third sofa block the flow of your room? In addition to measurements, ask yourself these questions. If the answer is no, you may want to tweak the size and shape of your sofa. 


    How Trendy is Too Trendy? 

    Dexter-Sofa-Blog.jpgDexter Two-Piece Sleep Sofa


    Living in the moment is great…but planning for the future is also great. You may love that trendy sofa everyone is raving about – but will you still love it 10 years from now? This is the risk with purchasing a trend piece versus a staple piece. Trends change rapidly. So instead of focusing on what’s popular right this second, search for a sofa that satisfies your personal style.


    Life Stage

    Bernhardt-Sofa-blog.jpgBernhardt Grace Sofa


    So, you’ve thought about comfort, durability and style. Now it’s time to consider your life stage. Some of you may be wondering why this is on our checklist…but where you are in life can dictate a lot about your home. 


    For instance, say you’re newly graduated from college and making less than 40k. It’s not the best idea to splurge on a full-grain leather sectional. It would be a lot smarter to opt for a more affordable faux leather or upholstery sofa. The same goes for the reverse! If you’re a high-level professional living on your own, it should be ok to splurge on a velvet sofa you’ve been eyeing for ages.


    Overall, you should finish your sofa shopping process feeling satisfied. Buy the sofa that you feel meets most – if not all of your needs. And of course, find that magical sofa you can crash land onto after a hard day’s work.




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