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    How to Choose Your Accent Chair


    Accent chairs are like the punctuation mark of your room. A bold, colorful accent chair acts like an exclamation point while a classic option is like the period that ties your space together. Whichever style you prefer, we’ve gathered some of our favorite accent chairs that will help liven up any space.


    The Trendsetter 

    Nashville-Chair-Blog.jpgNashville Chair


    If you want your accent chair to really pop in your home, consider choosing a trendy and stylish chair with a unique silhouette. This will add some major glam to your room. Pay attention to the placement of your accent chair as well. You can frame it on either side so that it flows cohesively in your space – or you can place it in an open area to make it stand out even more.



    Christopher Club Chair

    Nashville Chair

    Nola Leather Chair

    Manhattan Tufted Chair


    Timeless Style

    Cameron-Chair-blog.jpgCameron Chair


    Accent chairs don’t always have to be the focal point of your room. They can also act as a fun accessory that unifies your space. If you’re someone who likes to change up your interior style often, then consider choosing an accent chair with a classic look. This way your chair will blend seamlessly with your ever-evolving home. Try finding a chair with a subtle color, laidback pattern or standard shape.



    Plaza Chair

    Carla Chair

    Livian Chair

    Cameron Chair


    Bold and Beautiful

    Sandoa-Blog.jpgSandoa Pacific Swivel Chair


    We didn’t forget about you fearless decorators! For those of you who are fans of maximalism, grandmillennial or eclectic décor style, choose an accent chair that’s as bold and fierce as you. Go for exciting patterns and fun colors so that your accent chair lives up to the rest of your space! You can also explore the options of gliders, rockers or recliners for extra fun.



    Cedric Swivel Glider

    Bryan Accent Chair, Navy

    Turner Chair

    Sandoa Pacific Swivel Chair


    Luxurious Leather

    Kiannah-blog.jpgKiannah Top-Grain Leather Chair


    Find an accent chair that both you and your furry friend will enjoy! Leather accent chairs will instantly elevate your room and stand the test of time. They’re also more versatile than you may think. Styles for your leather chair can range from traditional all the way to rustic or mid-century modern.



    Armstrong Leather and Metal Chair

    Kiannah Top-Grain Leather Chair

    Dalton Top-Grain Leather Chair

    Burnam Chair, Pearl


    Accent chairs are as diverse as the styles that can inhabit your home. If you become overwhelmed with the amount of options, first decide whether you want your accent chair to standout or blend in with your home’s overall style. Once that’s decided, figure out your desired budget, color and aesthetic. We hope this simplifies the search for your next accent chair!




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