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    How to Create a Cozy Bedroom


    The bedroom is arguably the most important room in your home. It’s a place of solace, rest and comfort. So make your bedroom as cozy as it can be with our simple tips!


    Pick a Comfortable Bed

    Jolene-Bed-blog.jpgJolene Metal Bed


    Coziness starts with your bed. If you’re sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress, chances are you won’t feel relaxed. Choose a bed that suits your comfort needs. And don’t forget to pile on the blankets, chunky knits and soft pillows for even more cozy feels! 


    Add Cozy Textures

    WoodWright-blog.jpgWoodWright Bed


    Speaking of blankets, a plush throw blanket is one of the easiest ways to amplify coziness in your bedroom. Make sure your bed sheets and pillow covers are also soft to the touch. Finally, bring warmth into your space with a soft rug. 


    Organize your Nightstand

    Ella-Nightstand-blog.jpgElla Nightstand


    A messy nightstand can deter you from a night of relaxation. Spend some time organizing. Avoid leaving your phone or tablet on your nightstand. The tempting glow will only lead to a later bedtime. Instead, try decorating with some plants and heartwarming photos to keep you cozy as you fall asleep at night.


    Choose Calm Colors

    Hudson-Valley-blog.jpgHudson Valley Bedroom Collection


    Create a peaceful setting by decorating your bedroom with calming neutral colors. Shades like ivory, brown and tan as well as soft pastel colors will help put your mind at ease. However, bold saturated colors may keep you alert and energized. 


    Add a Natural Touch

    Thornton-Bed-blog.jpgThornton Bedroom Collection


    Similar to neutral tones, natural materials like wood and wicker will make you feel serene. It will also add that cozy cabin atmosphere to your bedroom. Try using wooden furniture with warm tones. Then add a burst of freshness with green plants or colorful flowers. 


    Create a Cozy Nook

    Kolton-Chair-blog.jpgKolton Chair


    You’ve finished eating dinner. You’re ready to relax – but not ready to go to sleep. Enter: the cozy nook! These cozy corners are perfect for setting the scene for a relaxing evening. All you need is a comfy chair, a good book and a plush blanket to wrap yourself in.


    Provide Cozy Lighting

    Liberty-Bed-blog.jpgLiberty Headboards


    If you want to create a truly cozy ambiance, re-think your lighting. Harsh overhead fluorescent lighting will make it hard to relax. But dim or natural lighting will make it much more soothing. Treat yourself to some extra coziness by decorating your bedroom with fairy lights.


    Add Things that Bring You Joy!

    Casey-Bed-blog.jpgCasey Beds


    Your bedroom should feel like home – only then can you unwind in coziness. It’s time to personalize your bedroom. Bring in accessories, décor, furniture and art that bring you joy! If you love the idea of having a basket as your bedside table, then go for it! Or if there’s an artwork that lifts your spirits, display it proudly. It’s all about making your bedroom yours.


    We hope you gained some ideas on how to create a cozy bedroom. Whether you’re ready for a bedroom makeover or just a few changes, create a bedroom that fills you with coziness and serenity.  




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