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    How to Mix and Match Dining Chairs


    Love the mix and match look for your dining room chairs but don’t know where to start? Well, we’ve got you covered! Mixing your dining chairs is an easy way to add personality and uniqueness to your space. So, here are seven ways you can approach this eclectic look. 



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    1. Go Half and Half

    The easiest way to mix up your dining chairs is by choosing two different styles for your chairs and alternating them around your dining table. For example, if you have a total of four chairs – choose two in one style and two in a different style. There’s still some uniformity and consistency with this method, perfect if you’re wanting to just dabble with this trend. 


    2. Choose One Style with Different Colors

    For those of you who aren’t afraid to decorate with color, try choosing one uniform style for your dining chairs but a different color for each individual chair. You could even try DIY-ing your existing dining chairs by painting each chair a different shade. The splash of color will bring a playful ambiance to your home.


    3. Choose One Color with Different Styles

    If you’re not a fan of colorful dining chairs, try mixing the style of each of your chairs instead. Pick one unifying color or overall tone and have fun selecting differing shapes and trends for your dining chairs. This method may seem daring – but don’t worry! The uniform color will help tie the look of all your dining chairs together.


    4. Add a Bench to One Side

    Benches are a wonderful alternative to dining chairs! It allows for more people to be seated and many benches offer helpful storage options. Replace the chairs on one side of your dining table with a stylish bench. This method will give you a nice balance in style but the added versatility a bench offers. 



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    5. Choose Different Host and Side Chairs 

    Choosing one set of host chairs and another set of side chairs is a simple way to add an eclectic feel but not completely change the look of your dining room. You’ll still get to satisfy your desire for a diverse look, but in a more subtle way. Larger host chairs at either end of your table will also help frame your dining area. 


    6. Mix Your Host Chairs, Side Chairs and Bench 

    Make things interesting by mixing your side chairs with a different set of host chairs and a bench on one side of your dining table. This method isn’t for everyone. But if you want to add major personality and diversity in your dining room, take the leap with this method! 


    7. Choose Different Styles and Colors for All Chairs

    We’ve come to our final mix and match method! For the truly fearless, go all out by choosing different styles and colors for each of your dining chairs. This will infuse a whole lot of drama and flair into your dining space. 


    Whether you want to add one unique dining chair to your table or make a statement with each individual chair, have fun with mixing and matching pieces in your home. At the end of the day, your home is a reflection of what you love. So feel free to experiment with any one of these methods!




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