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    How to Spring Into the New Season


    Elisha Sofa

    The Elisha Sofa


    Punxsutawney Phil made us wait, but we’re excitedly close to the official start of spring! The sun will be shining, the birds will be chirping, and you’ll be nice and comfortable around your home. We want to help you get a head start on freshening up your living areas for the new season!  With that, here’s a few tips on how to really invite the spring season into your home.


    Declutter Your Space

    We’re going to guess that your Spring Cleaning is starting up soon, or that you’re on your way to having more space. (If not, did you know that spring cleaning is actually great for your mental and physical health? You can read more about this at Origins Behavioural Healthcare’s Website.)

    Clutter ends up happening around our homes, so getting your space clean and open is a great way to prepare for this season. Once that clutter in your living area is clear, evaluate your space and see what’s left. Who knows, your space might be ready for a new furniture addition!

    Having furniture pieces that look great as a group helps make spaces seem larger, like the Pia Collection. Its bright base colors and accent blues bring a fresh, inspiring look to your living room.


    Pia Sofa

    The Pia Sofa



    Add Spring Colors

    Speaking of colors, you’ll want the colors around your house to emphasize the season with fresh palettes in your home. For 2021, We’re expecting some lighter classical colors to be popular shades. You can see some examples below with Erika Firm’s Color Palette inspiration.


    2021 Color Trends

    (Erika Firm’s Spring/Summer 2021 Color trends, seen above)



    You might be inspired to add some colorful toss pillows for the spring, a nice lamp, or even some hanging artwork that highlights these eye-catching colors. While you might not need a furniture piece that is solely one of these rotating seasonal colors, Our Country Store’s seasonal offerings will have beautiful and charming accessories to give your home the spring flair it deserves.


    Country Store

    Offerings from our Country Store


    Take it Outside

    When living in Texas, the greatest thing about spring is our return to the outdoors. Warm weather and the sun are extremely nice before our hot summers, so make sure to get the most out of mother nature while you can comfortably. It’s important to show the outside areas of your home an equal amount of love as the inside, so make sure your space is treated well!

    The Blue Bay Collection’s neutral cushions and all-weather wicker design will bring a comfortable experience to all of your outdoor enjoyment. So whether you have guests over, or are relaxing by yourself, comfort is in season.


    Blue Bay Sofa

    The Blue Bay Sofa



    As always, if you’re looking for help to make your house a home this spring or beyond, our furniture experts at any Weir’s location are here to help assist you and make your house a home! Stop by today and we’ll help you get started.


    Once you do grab those great new pieces of furniture, be sure to share photos and tag us on social media. We’d love to see what you’ve done with your homes and want to celebrate the new season with you.



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