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    Q and A with our CEO: Our Knox Street Store Renovation



    Our Knox Street store will always hold a special place in our hearts. It’s where our story began in 1948. From humble beginnings to an expansion of three additional stores – Knox Street has become a symbol of our foundation, where the magic first began. 


    For our loyal Knox Street customers, you may remember the feeling you got when you walked into the store. The nostalgic smell of popcorn was in the air and our quaint post office reminded you of simpler times. One thing is for sure, our Knox Street store has always been a place you could bring your family and feel at home. In planning the renovations, our aim is to recapture that charm while providing greater convenience and a better shopping experience.




    Why did you decide to renovate the Weir's Knox Street Store?


    Mark Moore, CEO: Let’s start at the beginning. My grandparents started our Knox Street store in 1948. Because of that, the store was very sentimental to me and my family. The reason we had to renovate is because we were operating in a 100+ year old building.


    Since the building was so old, we had a hard time keeping it up and running. The cost to maintain our store was very expensive due to constant repairs. We had a leaky roof and even had to have, what we called – a bucket brigade. Every time it rained the sales team would run around placing buckets to catch all the water that seeped through. In recent years, there were also problems with the plumbing and electricity. Eventually, we had to make a decision as to how to move forward and renovating became the obvious solution.




    When did renovations begin?


    MM: Our groundbreaking for renovations was on September 30th, 2019. But we had already done weeks of clearing out and remediating on our old property before that. We also tried to retain whatever we could, like the front door and bricks from the façade.



    What is the estimated date of completion?


    MM: Renovations should be completed around mid to late 2021. The reason there’s a time range instead of a specific date is because of rain and the delays it can cause during construction.




    How will the new store look in comparison to the original?


    MM: Before renovating, we were all one floor. The new store will have two floors and our patio merchandise will be on the second floor. As a bonus, we will also have an outlet inside the store, which had not been a part of the original store – it was in a different building a block away. 


    You can look forward to our Country Store, and candy and popcorn still being offered at our new store. We’re keeping many of the remnants from our original location. I’d say we’re still nine months to one year away from mapping out our exact interiors. The building will also host a law office, a restaurant, additional office spaces and retail stores. About 65% of our building is already preleased.




    How will the new store impact Weir's shoppers?


    MM: Convenience! Our customers will get added convenience with our 800 new parking spaces in the attached garage. Those won’t all be specifically reserved for Weir’s – but there’s going to be plenty of underground parking available. Many people already know that parking on Knox Street can be difficult, so our parking options will add that layer of convenience. 


    The second thing is I’m hoping customers will have a much better shopping experience. Our roof will work, our plumbing and electricity will work. Everything will run smoother. We’re also going to integrate remnants of the old building as a reminder and recognition of our history.


    Where will the new Knox Store be located?

    MM: It’s just around the corner from our original store. The new address is 4550 Travis Street. 




    What do you hope to accomplish with the renovation?


    MM: Our hope is that our long-term customers will return and say the renovation was well worth the wait. While our store will be different, it will still retain that vintage charm. We will still be committed to helping people find the perfect furniture pieces for their home. It’ll be that good feeling place where you can shop with your family, chat with your favorite salesperson and grab a box of popcorn for the road. 


    What’s your future vision for Weir’s Furniture?


    MM: Our vision is that we reach a balance where our loyal customers like what they see, while also still being relevant to the next generation. It’s this transition we’ve been a part of for the past several years. We want to please our loyal customers and still evolve with the trends and styles of new consumers.




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