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    How to Style Your Patio

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    Whether your backyard is 500 square feet or spans several acres, there’s no doubt that your backyard and patio can be a place of solace during the summer months. As temperatures rise, revamp your patio so that it meets its full potential.


    Choose Your Look 

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    The first step to styling your patio is choosing an overall look. Do you want to invest in a matching set or are you a fan of an eclectic look? Also, do you want to style your patio for the purpose of comfort or make it an extension of the style inside your home? The choice is up to you.


    Coordinate Your Color Scheme

    Lakewood-Blog.jpgLakewood Collection


    Once you’ve picked your style, you have to decide on a color scheme. Freshen up your patio by using colors like white, blue, yellow and orange. The bright shades will mirror the cheerful, sunny weather of summer. You can also add color through your pillow covers, coffee table centerpiece and rug.


    Plan for Dining

    Plantation-Dining-Blog.jpgPatio Dining Tables


    Who doesn’t love a summer barbecue? If you love eating outdoors, make sure you add a dining table to your patio. Remember to think about your space. Big rectangular dining tables may work for large patios but not for smaller spaces. For more confined spaces, try working with a circular table or compact counter-height table.


    Throw in Some Shade

    Pellaro-Blog.jpgButtercup Umbrella


    Texas summers can be brutal. However, sometimes you still want to sip your sweet iced tea outdoors. Using an umbrella can help remedy the situation. Not to mention, a colorful umbrella will add vibrancy to your patio.


    Sprinkle in Some Style

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    Just because your patio is outdoors, doesn’t mean it has to be void of style. Make your patio an urban oasis by sprinkling in stylish features. Choose stylish patio chairs and side tables to upgrade your patio look. You can also throw in fresh prints with patterned pillows and throws.


    Turn Up the Heat

    Mayfair-Blog.jpgMayfair/Catalina Collections


    Get ready to roast some marshmallows! Create new memories this summer by adding a fire pit to your patio. Even if you don’t want to make smores – the glow of the fire will enhance your outdoor ambiance and set the scene for some relaxing times.


    Augusta-Blog.jpgAugusta Collection


    Make your patio staycation-worthy this summer! By adding in key features like a dining table or fire pit and implementing stylish elements, you can transform your basic patio into a rejuvenating retreat. Explore more of our patio items here




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