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    Interior Trends to Follow this Summer


    Can you believe half of the year is already over? Summer is practically here! Hit refresh for your home with this season’s hottest interior trends ranging from coastal style to bold accent walls. 


    Coastal Style

    Coastal-blog.jpgBlake Upholstered Bed


    Dreaming of a beach vacation? Bring the beach to you by transforming your home with coastal style. One of the more subtle trends, coastal style is great for refreshing your space. Implement shades of blue throughout your home. You can also decorate with glass jars, lanterns and crisp white linens to bring this trend to life. 



    Yellow-blog.jpgBennett Sofa


    Give your home a cheerful twist by decorating with yellow – the trendiest color this summer! Yellow is also the perfect color to transition your home for brighter days and warmer nights. Add some joy to your room with yellow furniture or go for yellow pillows, duvet covers and artwork if you want a more subtle look. 


    Natural Materials

    Canton-Coffee-Table-blog.jpgCanton Round Coffee Table


    Materials like wicker, rattan and natural shades of wood are having a major moment right now. Try using these natural looks both inside and outside your home. You could decorate with wicker baskets and light wooden furniture indoors while also showcasing rattan furniture on your patio.


    Farmhouse Style

    Farmhouse-Blog.jpgPhilip Bed


    Cozy, charming and inviting – farmhouse style is here to stay in 2020! Similar to rustic and cottage styles, farmhouse is the perfect trend for creating a welcoming environment in your home. Recreate this look with distressed wood, vintage décor and neutral tones. Exposed ceiling beams are another staple of this popular aesthetic. 


    Chunky Shapes

    Chunky-Shapes-blog.jpgMaddox Dining Table


    Bring fun and playfulness inside your home by decorating with chunky shapes. Also known as Kindercore, this trend uses unique shapes and bright, solid colors to make a statement. The key to this trend is to go bold! So go all out with atypical furniture and décor if you really want to nail this look.


    Mixing Traditional and Modern

    Old-and-New-blog.jpgHepburn Coffee Table


    You may have heard the term “grandmillennial” used a lot this year. It’s an interior trend that blends traditional design with more current, modern pieces. When it comes to this trend, it’s all about balance. Try alternating your furniture items between classic and modern. For example, you can opt for a modern coffee table and go for a classic sofa.


    Curved Furniture

    Curved-Silhouettes-blog.jpgNashville Chair


    Curved furniture is a huge trend this summer! Whether it reminds you of the 1980’s or mid-century modern design, this trend brings a unique twist to your interior style. Play around with curved sofas, chairs, coffee tables and nightstands to infuse this trend in your home.


    Accent Walls

    Accent-Wall-blog.jpgSophie Bed


    If you really want to makeover your space this summer, try creating an accent wall. Patterned wallpaper is one of the most popular methods, but you can also paint your accent wall to make it stand out. Just remember to stick to a similar color tone with the rest of your room.



    Minimal-blog.jpgView our desks


    If you’re a fan of “less is more” interiors, then minimalism is the perfect trend for you. Minimal style focuses on the bare essentials. It’s clean and scaled back – but don’t mistake it for boring! Minimalism is all about choosing furniture and décor that’s stylish enough to stand on its own. 


    Whatever your style preference, transitioning your home for summer is a simple way to add excitement and newness to daily life. So go ahead and decorate with your favorite summer trend – and don’t forget to tag @weirsfurniture so we can check out your new creation!




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