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    The Shopper’s Guide: 7 Furniture Shopping Tips and Terms You Should Know


    Shopping for furniture can sometimes feel like learning a foreign language. California King Bed, Top-Grain Leather, 8-Way Hand-Tied Sofa. What does it all mean? End the confusion! Read up on our Shopper’s Guide and shop with confidence. 


    Furniture Shopping Tips



    1.  Do Your Research

    Before you even start shopping for your next living room sectional or dream beddo your research. Make a checklist and decide on your price range, the type of quality, size, proportion and overall style. This will drastically narrow down your search and give you clearer direction during your furniture shopping process.


    2. Check Your Measurements

    There’s nothing worse than buying furniture and realizing it’s either too big or too small for your room. Measure the dimensions of your space before you visit your favorite furniture store. Then bring a tape measurer with you as you shop to measure your possible purchases.    




    3. Is it Cohesive in Style?

    As trendy as it is to have an accent wall or pops of color in your home, you don’t want your furniture to lack cohesion or consistency. Take photos of your current space to place side by side with your item in question. This way, you’ll get a more accurate reading on whether the piece works seamlessly in your home.


    4. Consider Cost and Quality

    If you’re wanting a high-quality product at a low-quality price, your shopping experience will become frustrating quickly. For higher-quality items, decide how much you’re willing to push your budget. Or, figure out which furniture pieces you’re willing to buy for a cheaper price and lower-quality materials. 




    5. Test It Out

    It may seem like a given, but make sure you test out your furniture. If you love online shopping it may be a mistake ordering on looks alone. Visit the store and test out the furniture in person. Remember, furniture isn’t something you just look at – it’s a part of your daily life. Lounge on sofas, lay on beds and sit at dining tables before you decide on a purchase. You’ll realize that comfort goes a long way in your decision making.


    6. Inspect for Wear and Tear

    If you’re planning on buying furniture straight from the sales floor, make sure to do a thorough inspection first. Check for scratches on wood, discolorations on leather and stains on all sides of sofa cushions. Don’t forget to check the bottoms and backs of wooden furniture items as well. 


    7. Don’t Forget About Delivery and Assembly

    Many times, companies can offer hefty delivery fees. So always leave room in your budget for delivery charges. Finally, decide whether you want to go through the trouble of assembling your furniture. There’s no use in buying a stylish new desk and have it sitting in a box until 2020. Sometimes it’s worth paying a bit more for furniture that’s made and ready to use. 


    Glossary Terms 



    Accent Lighting-

    Decorative lighting, such as lamps, which help create an ambiance

    Accent Wall-

    A wall which differs in design or color to the other walls in your room

    Ambient Lighting-

    Your main overhead lighting which fills the room

    California King-

    A mattress that is longer than a king-sized mattress 

    Chaise Lounge-

    An upholstered chair that’s long enough to carry your legs


    A table that is meant to be placed against a wall


    A buffet, sideboard or bookcase with a long flat top


    Similar to a futon, daybeds are sofas that can be pulled out and used as beds


    A technique used for wood or leather that makes the material look more antique-like

    Eight-way hand tied-

    Often used for high-quality sofas and chairs, eight-way hand-tied is a process of tying twine eight ways to further support the springs


    Treatments applied to leather or wood which make it more durable or change the color, Ex: polishing, painting, antiquing, dyeing


    The natural pattern, texture and color of wood when cut horizontally across the trunk

    Full Grain Leather-

    Leather that comes from the top layer of the cow hide, the toughest and highest quality of leather

    Top-Grain Leather-

    The second highest grade of leather, softer than full grain leather

    Genuine Leather-

    Also known as Split Leather or Suede, genuine leather is made up of the remaining layers of hide beneath the top layer

    Bonded Leather-

    The lowest grade and least expensive type of leather that’s made up of leftover cow hide


    A protective varnish/topcoat applied to furniture


    An open criss-cross pattern usually used for chairs and headboards


    Furniture that can be rearranged into different configurations


    A footrest that can be attached to a chair or movable and used as a separate chair

    Pillow Top-

    The extra layer of cushion on chairs and mattresses which provide extra comfort


    Also known as, Ready To Assemble, RTA means the customer will have to assemble the furniture


    Sofa sets made up of multiple pieces which can be rearranged or put in an L shape

    Tapered Leg-

    Furniture legs that decrease in diameter towards the bottom


    Thick woven fabric with an artistic design, usually used as a wall hanging


    Decorative details applied to the outside of furniture


    Chair arms that are the same height as the back of the chair


    Furniture, primarily sofas and chairs, covered in fabric



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