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    Tips for Decluttering Your Home


    There’s something magical about walking into an organized home and feeling like all of life is in order. However, the same goes for the reverse. Entering into a messy, cluttered home can make you feel like you’ve stepped into chaos. If that’s the case for you, we’ve got a few tips to help transform your home into a refreshing paradise.




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    Davin Cabinet with Baskets


    Your entryway creates the initial impression of your home. That’s why it’s important that your furniture serves up both style and purpose. Simplify your going out and coming home routine by having hooks on your wall for jackets, backpacks, purses and keys. If your family takes off your shoes, invest in a shoe organizer. Having these key pieces that work as organization tools will prevent those piles of mess in your entryway. 


    Quick Tips:

    -Invest in entryway furniture that can store and organize accessories.


    Living Room

    Living-Room-blog.jpgTuscan Retreat Stand with Baskets


    Next up, your living room! Start off by wiping down all large surfaces like your TV, console, coffee table, bookcase and sofas. Then, spend some time putting everything where it belongs. Toss any dirty blankets in the laundry and move kid’s toys back into the kid’s bedrooms.


    Now let’s move onto smaller items. Maximize your furniture that includes storage space. For example, any drawer space in your TV console, coffee table and shelving can be used to store random items like seasonal décor and extension cords. Overall, take the top to bottom approach. Start with the tops of surfaces, then items that need organizing, down to your floor.


    Quick Tips:

    -Wipe down all large surfaces.

    -Put everything in its rightful place.

    -Maximize storage spaces.


    Kitchen and Dining Room

    Kitchen-blog.jpgKingsbury Credenza


    When it comes to your kitchen and dining area, you’re going to want to take a different tidying approach than your living room. Since you’re going to be emptying out your cabinets there’s no point in cleaning your countertops first. You’ll want to save that for the end. 


    Begin your kitchen clear-out by organizing your biggest storage spaces including your cabinets. Have a trash bag with you so you can easily throw out all expired products. After you take out all of the items in your cupboards, clean the shelves thoroughly. 


    As you refill your cabinets, separate the dishes you want to store and your serving dishes. Transfer all your serving ware into your dining room buffet. This will make it a lot easier the next time you host guests for a dinner party.


    Quick Tips:

    -Organize your cabinets first.

    -Transfer serving ware to your credenza.

    -Tidy up items on your countertops.



    Bedroom-blog.jpgModern Loft Collection


    Your bedroom should be the place you go to unwind and rejuvenate. Ensure that your bedroom lives up to its full potential by getting rid of any clutter. A great place to start is by making your bed. If you want to go the extra mile, switch out your sheets with a fresh set! Then move onto your nightstand. Throw away any mess and organize the items you want to keep on your bedside. 


    Next step, clear-out your desk or vanity area. Toss any items you no longer use and utilize jewelry boxes or make-up organizers to beautify your space. Once you’ve finished organizing the open area of your bedroom, move onto your closet and dresser. 


    It may seem daunting but try using this three-category system: keep, store or donate. Go through all the items in your closet and dresser dividing each item into one of these three boxes. After you’ve finished sorting everything, organize your keep items back into your closet.


    Similar to your living room, maximize storage elements in your bedroom. Make full use of your closet including the shelving area above your hangers. You can also store items in your nightstand and the area underneath your bed. There are even some beds with built in storage which is perfect for storing your off-season clothing.


    Quick Tips:

    -Make your bed and clean your nightstand.

    -Organize your vanity and utilize organizers.

    -Divide all items in your closet into keep, store or donate.



    Oak-Park-blog.jpgOak Park Collection


    If you’re working from home right now, your office is likely filled with clutter. But do not fear! Take your tidy session one step at a time. You can start by organizing your desk. Go through all of your papers and toss out anything you no longer need. For the papers that you have to keep, organize them into files. If you have multiple files, consider investing in a file cabinet.


    Now move onto your bookcase. Organize it from top to bottom, shelf by shelf. First take all items off of the shelf and wipe down the surface. Then put back the things you want to keep and throw out or donate items you can get rid of. Keep repeating this process until your entire bookshelf is sparkling clean! If you need some extra storage, try some DIY floating shelves. This is a great way to display cute décor like potted plants and artwork. 


    Quick Tips:

    -Clean your desk and organize all documents.

    -Declutter your bookcase from top to bottom.

    -Create extra storage if needed.


    How much time you devote to decluttering is really up to you. If you feel overwhelmed while decluttering, remember to take breaks in between. Treat your declutter as an ongoing process rather than a single-day event. We hope you feel inspired to give your home a refresh this summer!




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