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Do you love having family and friends over, but are you just not satisfied with your furniture's layout? This blog gives you the essential tips to create the perfect space! Changing your furniture's arrangement can provide more open space, and depending on what type of furniture you have, you can position your furniture to help the flow of conversation. Here are five ways you can use furniture to create a conversation area.




The Conversation Starter / The Ice Breaker


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Mayo Beethoven Chair >  |  Barbara Swivel Glider Chair >



It can be easy to start and keep a conversation going with family or friends. After all, you know their tastes, likes, and even hobbies. While having a guest you might not know well over, it may be hard even to start a conversation. Using a conversation piece as an ice breaker could be the trick.


The Mayo Beethoven Chair or the Barbara Swivel Glider Chair can draw people's eyes to it, which leads them to ask questions about where you bought this or even what inspired you to get it in the first place. That's all the opening you'll need to start your conversation and get to know them.




The Layout


Juno Sectional


Jonathan Louis Juno Sectional >



Knowing how you want your space to look can be the most crucial step before going to Weir's! Will the sofa go to the left or right, and what about an ottoman? A space needs to have a layout that works for you and how you use it. If you're going to create conversation, your guests should be comfortable and have a good sitting position to see everyone easily.


A great piece to create your layout is a sectional, sofa, or loveseat, depending on how ample your space is. The Jonathan Louis Juno Four-Piece Sectional has plenty of seating, and there is even a chaise if someone likes to have their feet up a little. Using different pieces of furniture in your layout can allow your guests to choose what's comfortable for them.




The Center Piece / Focal Point


Coffee Table


Bedford Park Coffee Table >



Choosing an item in the center of the room can be challenging. But a coffee table is always a great choice. It can provide a good surface area for pictures, candles, trays, drinks, or plants. If you have four chairs or two loveseats facing each other, a coffee table can be a great way to create a space for conversation while also having a top surface to place items like food or drinks if you have a few people over for a party.


The Hekman Bedford Park Rectangular Coffee Table with Shelf is an excellent example of a coffee table with a lot of space on the top and bottom.




Balancing Your Furniture


Blue Sectional



Placing your furniture in the perfect spot can add to your conversation area, but a conversation area needs balance. Your décor should match or complement the space where you have your furniture situated. Also, it's essential to take advantage of where your windows are, as natural lighting can bring a warm atmosphere to a room. Be sure to have ample lighting positioned once it gets dark outside, but not too much where you have a light glare. You can also use paintings, sculptures, and even a TV to add to the atmosphere you desire.




Pulling It All Together


You're ready to finish and put everything together to create your conversation area. Have fun creating a space in your home that works for your lifestyle and needs. Don't be shy to add your personality to the room and create something you love now and later. After all, your home reflects you. Enjoy your social space!