Game Day Hosting Fit for Texans

Game Day



It’s the most wonderful time of the year for some of us, and that time is the fall season! While the temperature starts to drop and the leaves turn brown, some of us Texans might become a little more focused on entertainment, specifically football!


If this is your case, know that at Weir’s Furniture, we don’t judge who you cheer for. Whether it’s Saturday and you’re cheering for the Mustangs, Frogs, Aggies, or Horns, or it’s Sunday and you’re cheering for the Boys, we believe that this season is the perfect warm up to gathering together with loved ones over a common bond.


When trying to support your teams and the following they have, it’s important to have a space where you can gather together in comfort and community. Here are some tips on how to make your home a welcome watch party zone for your favorite team.




Sit Back and (Try) to Relax



Pia Sectional


Jonathan Louis Pia Sectional



When the game gets tough, you and the rest of your party will want to feel comfort during the tense moments of gametime. In these moments, it’s best to have good back support, space, and the ability to jump for joy if needed.


When you’re looking for plenty of space to relax while watching your favorite team march down the field, the Jonathan Louis Pia Sectional is always ready to provide that comfort.




Fuel the Fandom



Food for the Game



While the action of a game might distract you from other responsibilities, you’ll want to make sure you provide yourself with the proper surroundings to keep you seated on that sofa. Those surroundings should also be delicious and ready to feed a crowd.

If you’re looking for inspiration to make the most of your game day bites, we recommend taking a look at Taste of Home’s article and recipe book “70 Easy Party Appetizers To Feed A Crowd”. If you were to invite us, we’d recommend making the Cheesy Beef Taco Dip or the Southwest Egg Rolls.




Occasional Tables


Coffee Table   |  TV Console



Looking for a great spot to place those bite-sized eats? The Junction Coffee Table has two levels of storage, so you can keep all the snacks and beverages close to you without missing any action. We also have an assortment of plates available in our Country Store for you to place on any table you choose to use. You can also find a sturdy console to hold your television in style during the watch party like the Aspen Home Terrace Point Console.


Grab Some Fresh Air After a Win (Or Loss)


3Pc. Patio Set

Gathercraft St. Louis 3-Pc. Patio Set



On the field, your team has the option of winning or losing (or a tie if it’s the NFL.) Fortunately, no matter what the result is on the field, you can head outside after a game and get some fresh air after staring at the big screen for a while. If you’re looking to relax while doing so, you’ll want to invest in a quality seat for you to bask in. The Gathercraft St. Louis Three-Piece Patio Set has room for you to either lounge out on a loveseat or to sit and ponder in one of two chairs.


No matter how game day goes, know that your home will be in good hands with furniture from Weir’s! Stop by any location and we’ll help make sure your next event has the furniture to keep everyone comfortable in the thick of the competition.