How To Host A Fun Fall Feast

We here at Weir’s love the fall season. With leaves changing and temperatures dropping, Texans like us can get excited to do something we haven’t done in a long time; eat outside without sweating. This time of the year is a great way to show our Texas hospitality to our neighbors and close friends, so we thought we’d provide some tips on how to host a fun fall gathering in your backyard or patio area.


Make sure there's plenty of seating

Remy Patio Set

Remy Sofa, available at all Weir's locations


Speaking from personal experience, no one enjoys being left to stand while eating or conversating outdoors. Where do you put your sweet tea? Cut with your utensils? Capture the moment with a picture?


Keep all your guests comfortable with plenty of seating. The Plantation Sofa and Chair are a fantastic way to keep your guests comfortable this fall.



Keep your guests full


We might be a little biased when it comes to feasts, but we do love having plenty of food at group events. While you probably have your list of go-to bites, eats, and treats, it can always be a little fun to try out something new for a group! One way you can spice it up is by using a new cookbook, something we have plenty of. Try a new recipe from the Texas Barbecue 101 Cookbook, available in our Country Store.



Texas Barbeque 101, available at all Weir's locations



Dining Table


Adeline Umbrella Dining Table, available at all Weir's locations


With all that food, you’ll want to make sure you have space to keep it. The Adeline Umbrella Dining Table has plenty of space for you to keep your food close and your friends and family closer.


Keep the party going afterwards

Now that you and your friends are full from a wonderful meal, it’s time to end the night with sweet relaxation and conversation. Now that the temps have dropped, you can justify sitting around a nice, warm campfire with the people closest to you. If you want to keep warm and don't have anything below ground, the Augusta Fire Pit is a great tool that can help you warm up your yard. Also, if you decide to host something a little earlier in the day where it might be too bright (cloud coverage is more common in the fall, not guaranteed), we also have a great selection of umbrellas that you can use for that new table.

Fire Pit & Umbrella

Augusta Fire Pit and Patio Umbrella


With these tips for throwing a great outdoor function, we hope your next event is a great one! As always, we here at Weir’s are ready to help you transform your backyard into an ideal social spot.