Rainy Day Fun Around Your Home

While we do love the cooler temperatures before triple digits in the Texas summer heat, we’re sadly unable to enjoy all of this time outdoors due to our great state getting its yearly dose of rain. While there will still be time to soak up the sun, it’s always important to have a backup plan in case the cloud coverage seems extra ominous outside. Here are a few tips on making the most of your day off when the weather keeps you inside.




Curl Up With A Book

We don’t always get time to ourselves to read this day in age, so whenever the weather provides us an opportunity to escape to a different world or story, we should take it! Reading a book is a great way to avoid screen or television time and engage your mind with wise words, engaging stories, and important readings.

ChairBernhardt Giselle Chair


Weir's Country Store


If you’re looking for a new reading spot in your home, Weir’s has a wide selection of accent chairs that can help you keep focused on your story. The Bernhardt Giselle Chair’s soft fabric upholstery and wide seat will keep you sitting comfortably through your reading time.

Looking for something to read as well? Our Country store has a healthy selection of books and devotionals to keep you busy on a rainy day. Stop by and give it a glance when you have the chance


Take a Nap

While we do live in a society that prioritizes keeping busy, sometimes we might just need to relax and absorb the wonderful sounds and ambiance a late spring shower provides. One of the best ways to do so is by taking a nice, midday nap! The Mayo Clinic believes there's numerous benefits to taking a good nap, such as relaxation, reduced fatigue, and improved overall mood.



Loft Platform


While a sofa or recliner is fine for a quick power nap, the best rest comes from being in a bed. If your bedroom is not the restful retreat you need, we can help. Our Sleep Shoppe provides a multitude of mattresses for you to choose from to get the best rest in.

If you’re looking for a relaxing look to go with your sleep, check out our selection of beds, like the Loft Platform Queen Bed provides a farmhouse feel that will help you slide into a relaxing slumber.


No Rain Delay for Game Time

Time with your family is always appreciated so you have to make the most of it when you’re home together with wilder weather. A great way to do this is sitting around and playing a board game or completing a puzzle together!



Coffee Table

Roen Coffee Table


If you need space to spread out your board or cards, the Roen Coffee Table is what we recommend for your game time. 38” of diameter and a lower shelf make sure that there’s plenty of space for whatever your family ends up playing.


Catch A Movie From The Sofa

Movie Night

After a long day of rest and reading, you might want to justifiably treat yourself to a night in on your sofa. With the weather still keeping you inside, it might be time to pull up your favorite movie or TV show on your home’s television. Be sure you’re the comfiest you can be by making sure your personal theatre’s seating is up to standard. Weir’s has a nice selection of sofas, some even have nifty motion features.  We love the Stone Super Size Queen Sofa.  It  has space for you to spread out and enjoy your show of the night. You can even set it to bed mode, so you don’t have to worry about falling asleep on the sofa (for too long, at least.)

Looking for more of an in-home theater experience to watch movies during your rainy day in? The Springfield Power Reclining Sofa not only provides reclining comfort for you to enjoy during your matinee showing, but also has a handy tray for cup holding, charging, and snack holding.


Stone Super Size Queen Sofa


Power Sectional

Springfield Power Reclining Sofa


Just because you’re stuck at home with some less than ideal weather doesn’t mean that you have to feel trapped. We hope these relaxing, fun ideas inspire you, and are here to help if you need to make your house a home that’s ready for any storm thrown its way!